My WebSpace

About my website

Mainly the reason I create/develop this webspace is for serving my personal needs. That being said, I host all of my work at, be it scripts, application resources, code, dot files, tutorials, documentation etc. At my place you will mostly find GNU/Linux related geekery. Some of the things are distibution specific, others are server specific, then there is some web development stuff & the rest are the things I like.

The intention of this webspace is not an advertising platform for myself or anything such. I'm using it for my troubleshooting solutions, observations, humour, general wordiness etc… You will most-likely never see an advertisement at

Under the hood

My other previous website (UI version 1 - design and content lost sometime in the past) was powered by WordPress and I have never had any issues with it. It is such a powerful blogging paltform, but however I wanted to have something custom made so I then started coding a custom CMS written in PHP (Codeigniter) which powered the UI version 2.

After almost a year of running the UI version 2 (shot1, shot2, shot3, shot4, shot5, shot6), I again migrated over to WordPress and created a custom theme using the WordPress Codex, HTML5/CSS and by following the KISS (keep it simple stupid) philosophy..

Then again after almost a year, I fall in love with Laravel, so I had to create something with it together and here it is, this website. It is developed by me using Laravel and Twitter Bootstrap 3 + the Font Awesome, powered by Nginx, MySQL and PHP-FPM set-up on an CentOS 6 Debian Wheezy Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system. It's under heavy development as I'm constantly adding new stuff so things may change on daily basis, be warned

How and what am I using this WebSpace for?

Well, I mostly use this webspace to put my crap on it, use that crap, link people to my crap & of course practice to make some new crap ...