About Me

Hey… What can I say?

So, my name is Daniel Stavrovski, though I often go by ViruSzZ or Educated Fool on the Internet. I'm a hacker (a good one) and I'm almost 29 years old. I professionally work as a senior GNU/Linux Systems Administrator (currently maintaining and supporting a bunch of GNU/Linux servers and clients).

Just another Geek on the Web…

I'm considering myself as a Geek, GNU/Linux systems administrator, network & security professional, IT enthusiast and Master Analyst. I've been using/hacking GNU/Linux systems for over 8 years now, including Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, ArchLinux etc. I also hack around on different kind of virtualization solutions such as KVM, XEN, OpenVZ/Virtuozo, Linux vServers, LXC, VMware etc...

I also love to code too (created multiple platforms for my webspace & a bunch of other projects...) just for fun.

Hobbies / Interests

Some of you who know me would probably say,

hey this guy totally freak'd out… he's all about computers, gnu/linux, coding, hacking… I mean is he doing other things in his life?

Well, of course I do other things in my life… I married my beautiful wife Katerina and besides doing the everyday in-house stuff, in my spare time I enjoy extremely riding my Treky bike, watching movies with my wife and friends, playing urban-street Foot-Bag with my buddies, hanging around in the hood with the other buddies, listening to some classic old-school Rap/Hip-Hop music etc..

… but unfortunately, due to the limited hours provided by a single day (would've been nice if a day lasts at least twice as it's now), I barely find the time to enjoy some of the hobbies outlined above and am working on sorting that out so I can have a little more spare time for my family and friends and for myself of course

Finishing all this?? not yet, I guess

There's much more I can say about me but definitely this would not be the right place. If you would like more information check here for my professional resume - CV. If you are a friend or a family member or a person who wants to share knowledge, experience or anything else, please feel free to contact me.