Hi, I'm Daniel .

The one currently in charge here.

Mainly the reason I create/develop this progressive web application (PWA) is for serving my personal and family needs.

I mostly use this webspace to put my crap on it, use that crap, link people to my crap & of course practice to make some new crap. This is not an advertising platform or anything such. You will most-likely never see an advertisement at Stavrovski.Net.

Under the hood

Under the hood, this web application uses NodeJS + MySQL MongoDB + Redis for the backend API and the one & only killer combination Vite + VueJS 3 + Tailwind CSS for the frontend interface.

Yes, I do love JavaScript, NodeJS and Vue nowadays.

Server setup

Server setup is if course a custom one, which is powered by GNU/Linux and hosted on a Linode machine.

I use Nginx to serve the application, to reverse proxy specific URIs, to cache stuff, to load balance traffic and what not.

Random photos.